Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Articles 

“Political Reforms vs. Undemocratic Institutional Arrangements in Hong Kong.” Seoul National University, Journal of International Affairs 2, no. 1 (2017): 2-12. (read)

“From Ballistics to Demography: Chinese Population Control Policies in Historical Perspective.” Seoul National University, Journal of International Affairs 1, no. 1 (2016): 25-36. (read)

“Assad’s Strategic Narrative: the Role of Communication in the Syrian Civil War,” Contemporary Review of the Middle East 2, no. 4 (2015): 313-327. (read)

 Working Papers

“Theory of Transitional Hegemony.”

"Konfrontasi as a case of study of war termination and conflict resolution."

"Estimating the North Korean nuclear capability and its potential threat to East Asian security."

"Water resource management in Iraq."

Selected Articles

"Hereditary Politics in Japan: A Family Business," The Diplomat. February 2017. (link)

“Water, the Next Iraqi Problem,” Novasia. Seoul, June 2016.

“Build your own AI and win at Go over Lee Se-dol,” Novasia. Seoul, April 2016.

“How to do Counterinsurgency,” Novasia. Seoul, December 2015.

“The Role of Ideology in North Korea,” Novasia. Seoul, December 2015.

“Russia’s Past and Present in the Syrian Civil War,” Novasia. Seoul, October 2015.

 “Beijing Role in Hong Kong’s Democratization,” Novasia. Seoul, October 2015.

 “How Electoral Reforms Changed Japan,” Novasia. Seoul, June 2015.

 “Reinventing Biofuels,” Novasia. Seoul, April 2015.

 “The New State Nobody Saw Coming,” The Policy Wire. January 27, 2015. (link)

 “Fishery Escalates Regional Animosity in the East China Sea,” Novasia. Seoul, December 2014.

 “Ukraine After the Elections,” Novasia. Seoul, October 2014.

 “Reforming Article 9,” Novasia. Seoul, June 2014.

 “Is a Revolution Predictable?” Novasia. Seoul, April 2014.


"The Emergence of Order: Complex Systems Theory and International Relations." Yonsei University. June 2016.

"The Logical Nuke: Reasons and History Behind North Korea’s Nuclear Choice." University of Torino. November 2013.


I will be more than happy to supply any of the above articles upon request.