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I hold a BA in International Studies and Development, and an MA in Security and Foreign Policy. I act as editor-in-chief for the academic journal Global Politics Review and I direct the Association for Social Sciences, Research and Innovation

Whereas my research focuses on international relations and conflict resolution, my research methodology is interdisciplinary at large. At graduate school I acquired a strong interest in computational social science (CSS) which eventually led me to study complex systems theory and agent-based modeling (ABM). At the same time, I also gained a proficient level of competency with the programming language called NetLogo. Since then, I have been merging my programming skills with my knowledge of political science and developmental studies to follow novel research paths and revise IR scholarship.



WHAT IS IT? The model provides an abstract representation of the international system focused on information diffusion, economic inequality, and international conflicts. The model, hereafter called IDEIIC, was designed to explore questions about war outbreaks in the international system. Under what conditions do the interactions of people, information diffusion, and economic inequality lead to the […]

Normalization [NetLogo]

This is a very simple yet useful procedure to make normalizations. Fiche technique nissan qashqai, Ford fiesta 1.4 zetec 2010 review, Club volkswagen golf venezuela

Reduce list and check if the last two inputs are equal [NetLogo]

These two procedures reduce a list and check if the last two inputs are equal. The first reporter signals to the agent whether there has been a change in the inputs recorded. The second establishes if the change has been incremental or decremental. For more information look at this Stack Overflow post.

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Peer Reviewed Articles 

“From Ballistics to Demography: Chinese Population Control Policies in Historical Perspective.” Seoul National University, Journal of International Affairs 1, no. 1 (2016): 25-36.

“Assad’s Strategic Narrative: the Role of Communication in the Syrian Civil War,” Contemporary Review of the Middle East 2, no. 4 (2015): 313-327.

Working Papers

“Theory of Transitional Hegemony,” co-written with Pietro Raviola, (Under Review).

"Hong Kong's Accountability Problem: Institutions, Reforms, and Neo-Patrimonialism."

Policy Articles

“How to do Counterinsurgency,” Novasia. Seoul, December 2015.

“The Role of Ideology in North Korea,” Novasia. Seoul, December 2015.

 “How Electoral Reforms Changed Japan,” Novasia. Seoul, June 2015.

 “Japanese Family Business,” Novasia. Seoul, April 2015.

 “Reinventing Biofuels,” Novasia. Seoul, April 2015.

 “The New State Nobody Saw Coming,” The Policy Wire. Seoul, January 27, 2015.

 “Fishery Escalates Regional Animosity in the East China Sea,” Novasia. Seoul, December 2014.

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