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I hold a BA in International Studies and Development, and an MA in Security and Foreign Policy. I act as editor-in-chief for the academic journal Global Politics Review and I direct the Association for Social Sciences, Research and Innovation

Broadly, my research concerns non-traditional security, IR theory, risk governance, and conflict resolution. More specifically, my work investigates the intersections between security and information processing in social groups. I like to use computational approaches to the study of social science, and I am fond of agent-based modeling and computer simulation.


Peer Reviewed Articles 

“From Ballistics to Demography: Chinese Population Control Policies in Historical Perspective.” Seoul National University, Journal of International Affairs 1, no. 1 (2016): 25-36.

“Assad’s Strategic Narrative: the Role of Communication in the Syrian Civil War,” Contemporary Review of the Middle East 2, no. 4 (2015): 313-327.

Working Papers

“Theory of Transitional Hegemony,” co-written with Pietro Raviola.

"Hong Kong's Accountability Problem: Institutions, Reforms, and Neo-Patrimonialism."

Policy Articles

"Hereditary Politics in Japan: A Family Business," The Diplomat. February 2017.

“Water, the Next Iraqi Problem,” Novasia. Seoul, June 2016.

“Build your own AI and win at Go over Lee Se-dol,” Novasia. Seoul, April 2016.

“How to do Counterinsurgency,” Novasia. Seoul, December 2015.

 “Reinventing Biofuels,” Novasia. Seoul, April 2015.

 “The New State Nobody Saw Coming,” The Policy Wire. Seoul, January 27, 2015.

 “Fishery Escalates Regional Animosity in the East China Sea,” Novasia. Seoul, December 2014.

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How to build your own AI and win at Go.

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