I hold a BA in International Studies and Development, and an MA in Security and Foreign Policy. I act as editor-in-chief for the academic journal Global Politics Review and I direct the Association for Social Sciences, Research and Innovation

Broadly, my research concerns non-traditional security, IR theory, risk governance, and conflict resolution. More specifically, my work investigates the intersections between security and information processing in social groups. I like to use computational approaches to the study of social science, and I am fond of agent-based modeling and computer simulation.


Peer Reviewed Articles 

“Political Reforms vs. Undemocratic Institutional Arrangements in Hong Kong.” Seoul National University, Journal of International Affairs 2, no. 1 (2017): 2-12.

“From Ballistics to Demography: Chinese Population Control Policies in Historical Perspective.” Seoul National University, Journal of International Affairs 1, no. 1 (2016): 25-36.

“Assad’s Strategic Narrative: the Role of Communication in the Syrian Civil War,” Contemporary Review of the Middle East 2, no. 4 (2015): 313-327.

Policy Articles

"Hereditary Politics in Japan: A Family Business," The Diplomat. February 2017.

“Water, the Next Iraqi Problem,” Novasia. Seoul, June 2016.

“Build your own AI and win at Go over Lee Se-dol,” Novasia. Seoul, April 2016.

“How to do Counterinsurgency,” Novasia. Seoul, December 2015.

 “The New State Nobody Saw Coming,” The Policy Wire. Seoul, January 27, 2015.

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How to build your own AI and win at Go.

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